Introducing the IndieFort GamersGate bundle!

If you’re looking for a good deal on some quality Indie games, then you may want to mosey on over to our good friends at GamersGate and pick up their IndieFort pay-what-you-want bundle worth over £45, but available for a minimum asking price of merely £6!

For those of you not familiar with these kinds of campaigns, it really is as simple as: 1) Chose a price 2) Pay it, and 3) Then all those titles will be yours forever! That’s right, if you *really* wanted to, you could get the whole bundle for as little as $6. That said, please do try and think of the hard working Indies who put their heart and soul into these projects. It’s not like we’re judging you or anything, but surely you want to show them that you care, right? So please pay what you think is a fair price if you can!

Here’s a little heads-up of what you’ll find in the bundle:

Cardinal Quest
(normal price £4.99)

Rougelike is an age-old genre that’s managed to get steadily more and more bloated over the past couple of years, but this streamlined top-down RPG cuts that beast down to the basics and runs with it! It might seem a little simple at first glance, but I warn you, it can get dangerously addictive if you let it get ahold of you.

We’ve already given Cardinal Quest pretty extensive coverage here at IGM, so if you want to learn more then check out our interview with lead developer Ido Yehieli or take a gander at our review where it earned a healthy 70% (“good”) on our rating scale.

Black market
(normal price £6.99)

Fight, trade or die in the cold abyss of space with this 2d space sim from BigBlockGames. Chose to either follow a preset storyline of space piracy and corporate conspiracy, or forge your own destiny in the sandbox free-for-all mode. Either way, you’ve got a whole universe in front of you and ton of space-age weapons to blast it to bits with!

While we don’t have any major coverage of this title just yet, there’s a free version available on the official site if you want a little taste of what this space epic has in store.

(normal price £7.49)

With Kenshi, enter a free-roaming RPG world with over 400km2 just waiting to be explored. Command a small army of desert samurai dudes or go it solo with just one core character, it’s all up to you. Kenshi also breaks with established RPG tradition by abandoning crutches like level scaling or giving player characters super high stats compared to their NPC counterparts. So if want your guys to be badass invincible super heroes, then you gotta work for it! Also, it has really big silly anime swords. Always a plus in my book.

Just so you know up front, this game is still very much in the alpha stage of development, thus is by no means a “finished” product. That said, it ranked in our list of Top 10 Most Promising Indie Games in Alpha Stage!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
(normal price £3.99)

Hey, do you want to control a giant hover tank and shoot lasers at stuff for no real reason? It’s ok, you don’t have to hide it, you’re only human after all! Steel Storm is old school styled top down shooter full of destruction and mayhem across 25 missions and various multiplayer modes. Think you could make it better? Then hop into the unique real-time mission editor and share your masterpiece with the world!

If this game tickles your fancy then you may also want to take a peek at the early rumblings of Steel Storm 2, which is going to be…… a first person shooter?? Crazy times.

Demise: Ascension
(normal price: ~ £20)

By far the most “harcore” game on this list, Demise: Ascension is the latest iteration of a long lived series of ultra in-depth dungeon-crawling fantasy romps that should be immediately familiar to anyone who’s “experienced” some of the earlier Elder Scrolls games. Be warned my friends, this one ain’t one for the faint of heart!

For more info, take a history lesson with lead developer Decklin (aka the Twisted Dwarf).

(normal price: £6.43)

And last but by no means least, Wanderlust. Love your RPGs but looking for something a little more accessible than Demise but a little faster paced than Cardinal Quest? Then this is the one for you! Go it on your own or team-up for some 4 player co-op action in a colourful fantasy world that should tickle the nostalgia glands of any longtime JRPG fans.

If that doesn’t quite sell you on it, then perhaps you should take a quick read of our Review where it scored an incredible 80% (“amazing”) on our review scale!

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